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Why Fear Education?
By Brian Germain

What is fear? This is the question that must be asked. The answer is a long one. It must however, be answered if we are to have any hope of changing our basic, natural responses.

We must all investigate this realm of human experience, so that the answer will help us to become more mentally balanced as a result of this knowledge. If we all manage to keep our heads when the time comes for us to do so, things are much more likely to go well on the grand scale. This is the reason for Transcending Fear Education, and the motivation behind my seminars.

Life is unfolding before our eyes, in ways that we cannot expect. It will bring about unconsidered possibilities that will surprise us. We will need to be able to deal with the physical side-effects of this state of surprise, the adrenalin that is intended to keep us alive. This moving force can in fact increase many of our abilities to an incredible extent. This is the energy of authentic inspiration flowing through us. It carries us forward and gives us powers over many aspects of our experience.

This energy can be managed if it is allowed to increase in a balanced manner, but if it is not, this power has the ability to limit our thought processes, and turn us into something that we do not want to become. This is our contracted state that comes about when we allow ourselves to become too afraid. It is how our world is undone.

Our expanded state is the result of a sustainable flow of energy that wells up within us when we engage in perils that are, in our own judgment, reasonable risks with worthy benefits. We know that we are in danger, and this knowledge is what fires us up and allows us to become the person we hoped we would become. Due to our knowledge of the risks as well as the potential rewards, we act with our full awareness and enthusiasm. It is when we allow ourselves to invest our attention completely that we discover that we can, in fact, create just about anything.

This is the reason for Fear Education. If we do not learn what fear is, we cannot transcend it. If we do not transcend it, we will be stuck with the same world we have been living in. Our world needs work, and that work is so important and so scary that the children that are going to be forced to step up to the plate and do these things will need to have incredible emotional intelligence and bravery. For this reason, the saving of our world, we must teach our children, and ourselves, how to work with fear.

Brian Germain
Feb 25, 2008

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