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Brian Germain began as the skydiving industry's foremost expert on Adrenalin Management and Safety, and has become a world voice on the topic of transcending fear. Brian's work on the topic of fear and its effects began with his wide diversity of adventure leadership experiences, but became crystallized when tragic paraglider collapse nearly took his life. Rejecting the doctors’ proclamation that he would never jump again, Brian not only emerged from his wheelchair to continue skydiving, but a mere four years later became the ESPN X-Games Champion in Freefly Skydiving. His inspiring journey through and beyond fear has moved people all over the world to challenge their own personal boundaries, and expand who they are by taking fear head-on.

Brian's amazing recovery has led him to author numerous inspiring books and articles about overcoming fear and life challenges, including his best-selling hit Transcending Fear, the inspiring Green Light Your Life, and his upcoming celebration of the path of fearlessness, Lift. His passion for the topic of fearless living has resulted in a barrage of interviews with the media, as well as his inspiring business keynote talks and experiential workshops. Brian's journey through apparent impasse has led him to many refreshing insights that will uplift your organization and provide you with powerful secrets for handling stress in all its forms.

Brian Germain has dedicated his life to the study of fear and its antidotes, but what distinguishes him from others on similar paths is his unique ability to tell the story in an enjoyable way. His animated expression of this challenging aspect of the human experience is both profound and useful, and surprisingly funny. Brian's uncanny ability to paint the picture of the archetypal journey from fear to heroism has been fostered by many years of compassionate skydiving instruction.

Brian got his start as an Adventure Guide with Longacre Expeditions, focusing on rock climbing and mountaineering. After earning a BA in Psychology from the University of Vermont, Brian founded "Vermont Skydiving Adventures" parachute school at the age of twenty five, which he owned and operated for several years. At this small operation on the Canadian border, Brian trained many now-world-renowned skydivers with his unique and heart-driven methodology.

That is when his tragic paraglider collapse changed his life forever. For the next two years, Brian had to focus his efforts on the physical and mental healing process. As part of his path to recovery, he set his sights on preventing the same tragedy from befalling other parachutists. He faced his own fear by returning to the sky to test his own collapse-resistant "Airlock" prototypes, eventually founding his parachute design company BIG AIR Sportz. Brian's innovative work earned him a Patent for "Valved Apparatus for Ram-Air Canopies" (US Patent #5,573,207), a design that has been utilized in thousands of parachutes all over the. He continues to build and test advanced parachute designs in order to improve safety and efficiency.

After writing the definitive book on parachute aerodynamics and safety, The Parachute and its Pilot, Brian created his world-renowned Parachute Flight Skills and Safety Course, an advanced training workshop for civilian and military parachutists. Brian continues to tour the world teaching parachuting safety, and is also the host of the very popular radio show entitled "Safety First with Brian Germain" on, as well as "BG Live", a revolutionary online training program on

Now with more than 14,000 jumps over 25 years, Brian Germain has many messages of great value from which anyone can benefit. The wisdom and positive outlook he has gathered applies directly to every aspect of life. The core skills that he teaches can help you to thrive in the midst of the most ominous leadership challenges, and help you to establish an emotional buoyancy that will make you the kind of person that others want to follow.

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