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Coaching with Brian Germain

Are you all you can be?
Is fear in the way?

"If you are ready for a breakthrough, I believe I can get you there."
-Brian S. Germain

  • 60 minute sessions
  • Non-Local Coaching: Live Online Video or Phone Session
  • In-Person Hiking Sessions available
  • No extended commitment necessary
  • Short notice may be available

$95 per hour

In-Person Life Coaching available in the Washington D.C. region

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A Few Testimonials:

"My session with Brian gave me a great new perspective from which to view the fear I was encountering skydiving. I gained a greater understanding of fear and its origins. He also gave me some excellent ideas to implement into my everyday life to not only work towards my goal of becoming a great skydiver but to manage fear in everyday life. Brian's book 'Transcending Fear' is a real gem for those feeling held back by their fear."

- Victoria

"Every day I love to read your words of wisdom; they are so full of positive energy & they make me stop & think. Thank you for always inspiring me to reach for the sky. "

- June Rose-Walker, New York

"I had such an issue with landings, especially in no winds, and the little bit of advice you gave me... has fixed the problem almost entirely. You are amazing. Keep up the positivism! It is lacking in the world!"

- Bee Lee, US Air Force

" I have managed to achieve so many things I never thought possible and I really feel that your book has given me the tools to achieve so much more. While sitting in the aircraft waiting to reach altitude, I realized just how much more enjoyable and manageable the experience was due to reading your book and following your advice."

- Daniam Henriques, Pretoria, South Africa

"I have watched all of your videos talking about overcoming fear. I went up in the plane twice last weekend and couldn't jump because of fear. But after listening to you I realized you are right. My emotions got in the way. Yesterday was my first solo jump. I kept relaxing my body on the plane ride up and when the door opened, even though I was scared for a few seconds, after I let go I felt amazing and had an awesome landing. Thank you!!"

- Karen, Mechanicsburg

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