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Has fear ever held you back? Have you ever remained silent when you should have spoken? Have you ever failed to perform a task well because of performance anxiety? Have you ever allowed your fear to turn into irritability and anger, and said something you wish you had not said?

Fear is always a factor, and Transcending Fear Specialist Brian Germain can help you relax into your own personal version of brilliance.

Brian Germain's life work is the study of fear and its effects, and the most useful methods for shifting out of this destructive mindset, and into the realm of optimal performance. A masterful teacher known worldwide for his uncanny ability to make the complex easy to digest, Brian will inspire you to reach for a more productive, positive mindset. Further, he will give you priceless tools to make the transformation from fear to focus.

"That was without a doubt one of the best, most enjoyable educational experiences I have ever had."

Kevin Hawkins, Seminar Participant

The Goals of Brian Germainís Transcending Fear Seminar:

  • Clarify the effects of fear: (Physiological, Psychological and Sociological)
  • Explore how these effects create significant problems in competence, productivity, communication skills, capacity for intelligent insight, and health.
  • Inspire you about the value of cultivating your skill of emotional re-direction in order to regain your psychological balance in hot situations.
  • Present the most effective methods for diminishing your fear, and help you to convert it into positive emotion in order to return to your highest self.

The seminar will be adapted to meet the specific needs of your organization.

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Seminar Titles

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Fear and Success
Emotional Intelligence and Business Leadership

Fear is always present in business. Let’s face it, there is big money involved. Where there is reward, there is risk, and when we act out of fear, we lean away from risk, sacrificing rewards. This is the collective mindset that has led businesses to choices based on excessive caution. The current climate of overly conservative action has come at a great cost to the economy and to our wellbeing as a people.

Fear is a climate that spreads throughout a community, based on the zeitgeist of the time. Yes, bad things have happened. This has led us to feeling as if the aircraft is out of control and there is no way to recover from our current situation. This tuck and roll behavior is exactly what crashes airplanes, and generates financial decline in businesses, and in civilizations.

"I have attended many courses and seminars over the last 21years with my employer and I must tell you, never have I witnessed a more passionate and dynamic speaker."

Michael Taber, Federal Aviation Administration

The only option remaining is to think outside this mentality. We must envision the way through the danger courageously and creatively, and act with the brave belief that what we do will succeed. This has always been the formula for success in the past, and it is a good bet that changing the way we think is the only way ahead. Brian Germain's methods of recovering the positive mindset have been proven effective in many different contexts, and given the opportunity, he will help you to resurrect your organization's positive "vibe".

We are the people who landed on the moon. We are bold and we have incredible ingenuity, and when we choose to let go of our fear and do what is best, we can change the world. In a new climate of positive expectation, we will make the brave choices that will lead to greater prosperity for all. Fear will always be in the house, but if we make a vow to move through the resistance bravely and logically, we can expand our possibilities as individuals, and as a culture. Brian Germain can help you to work beyond the fear mindset to be the brightest most abundant version


Heroic Leadership
Emotion is Everything

We all have heard their names: Abraham Lincoln, Neil Armstrong, Dr. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, and the Dalai Llama. Personalities made famous by their fearless, selfless dedication to something with profound meaning. They reached for something beyond themselves and in doing so, became larger than the person they had been. They risked everything by choosing such a path, and disregarded what others thought and said, and listened to their own inner wisdom. In short, they chose to be their highest selves.

Are heroes simply special people who possess an innate tendency to think and act in a way that sets them apart from other people, or are they normal people like you and me who are forced by circumstance to demonstrate great insight, skill and most importantly, compassion? Is heroism something that can be taught, and if so, which training methods best prepare us for the burden and intensity of leadership?

Through true stories of brilliance under pressure, Brian will give you the core training principles that he teaches his parachuting students to bring out your inner best. The seminar delves deeply into the headspace of the great aviator to isolate and clarify the steps we must take if we are to nurture this kind of leader within ourselves. Leadership is an inner game most of all, and achieving a clear and sustainable positive mindset is at the very heart of the hero's journey. This is exactly what this seminar offers.

"Deeply inspiring and immensely valuable."

Whit Bissell, Attorney Seminar Participant

As a leader in the fields of Parachuting Instruction and Fear Psychology, Brian Germain is uniquely qualified to give this talk. His energetic, fun style of speaking will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish, and the solid information that he gives will provide you with tangible skills that will help you through the most trying of circumstances. This truly is one of the most important topics that anyone has ever taken on, and Brian's engaging presentation is certain to move you deeply.

It is time to green light your Inner Best!



Adventure Wisdom
Life Lessons from the Edge

Join adventure psychology author and renowned skydiver-entertainer Brian Germain in a fascinating exploration of the many lessons learned on his 15,000 parachute jumps made over the past 25 years. Brian's entertaining and animated stories make this talk well worth your time, but the core life principles that Brian extracts from these exciting lessons will inspire you and prepare you for your own adventures. In the end, all of life is a dangerous adventure with profound consequences to our performance, and knowing the secrets to survival is essential. The value of these lessons has made Brian Germain's "Adventure Wisdom" talk is one of his most popular topics.

Everything that we do that truly matters to us has an element of fear within it. No one is exempt from the effects of this negative emotion, and no one can escape the conclusion that we must take fear head on. In Brian Germain's masterpiece talk, this issue is examined from top to bottom, leaving no page unturned. The journey takes you on a path of exploration of the problem, and moves on to solutions that can truly help you to live in the optimal "Flow State" as much of your day as possible.

No one can produce at his or her highest level of competence in a climate of fear. We know that there will always be things to fear, but we also know that that fear itself is never the answer. Brian Germain's lucid and humorous perspective on the human condition will profoundly alter how you handle your negative thoughts and feelings. Brian teaches how to leverage our emotional intelligence in order to tap into the inner wisdom that comes to us packaged in this powerful physiological experience. This is the beginning of the Flow State, the mindset of optimal performance. Brian's many years as an instructor in various adventure experiences has led to a body of wisdom that can help you deeply in every aspect of your life.

"You motivate. I really enjoyed your storytelling and body language - It kept the educational facts interesting and fun."

Vibeke Stomberg, Seminar Participant, Denmark

We are living in a challenging time. Fear has hindered the expansion of much of our culture and economy, and whittled away at the happiness of far too many of us. We must turn the corner and once again live bravely if we are to alter our current heading as a society, and as individuals. It is our natural essence to be courageous, and living in any other way will always make us feel as if something is missing from our lives.

As we awaken from the habit of fear-based thinking, we begin to expand our scope of possibility from mere survival to the pursuit of self-actualization. If we leave the fear at the door, we can expand our vision for ourselves to become the person we always wanted to be. When fear is no longer the dominant factor in our thinking, we allow ourselves to experience the deep sense of inner power that leads to health, abundance, and most of all, happiness.

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Brian and wife Laura at a talk in Melbourne, Australia

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