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"I just finished reading your book Transending Fear lastnite....and i did my level 5 retake today and passed with flying colors..thank you for your awesome advice in the definatelty help me! Thanks again!!"

"I have attended many courses/ seminars over the last 21years with my employer and I must tell you, never have I ever witnessed a more passionate and dynamic speaker."
-Michael Taber, Federal Aviation Administration

"Your book has become a reference-guide for my day to day experience. I directly relate your book to my personal and professional success."
-Eric Salas, Orlando Fire Department

“Deeply inspiring and immensely valuable."
-Whit Bissell San Francisco, California

"Brian's deep understanding of and passion for skydiving, psychology, teaching and life are reflected in everything he does. I highly recommend working with Brian."
-Mike McGrath, Real XStream

"I am really excited about this new learning opportunity you have presented. That was without a doubt one of the best, most enjoyable educational experiences I have had."
-Kevin Hawkins Austin, Texas

"Brian is a forward thinker that posses the ability to take often difficult topics and explain them in a manner that everyone can relate to. A consummate professional, Brian goes the extra mile to ensure that the information he has is shared with as many people as possible. Brian brings with him a wealth of knowledge on many diverse subjects and would be a valuable member to have on any team."
-Scott Campos, CEO, SkyMonkey Publishing, US Army

"Brian is good to get his message through and make it understandable to most people. He is very safety oriented trying to minimize risks in a high risk environment through education and 'outside the box' thinking."
-Peter Johansson, Stockholm, Sweden

"Your energy is infectious and you have a wonderful spirit. You're some kind of a skydiving bodhisattva. Your accomplishments and skydiving resume alone pretty well establish that. And so the information you shared with us was welcome and valuable for that reason alone. But what I was speaking to mostly were qualities in you that I (well, actually there seemed to be somewhat of a consensus generally about this sense among others in the class who I spoke with over the course of the weekend) perceived which recharged my pride and enthusiasm. I've participated in my share of courses and you and your class stand out in a number of ways. I appreciated your holistic approach to skydiving generally. I was moved by how the spiritual foundation that obviously underlies your life is manifested in the information you disseminate to your students. And I was impressed by the gentle and encouraging way that you impart feedback and information in general to your students."
-Chip Waldron Austin, Texas

"I have had the fortune of meeting Brian in the air; the only way one truly knows another person I have heard a great man say... When reading Brian's books I have been corresponding with him from time to time, and every time it added to the inspiration of my own research.

Brian is a passionate advocate of the idea that we should be able to face and understand our fears in order to utilize our full human potential; an ambitious, yet reachable goals, as Brian demonstrates through his teaching and writing.

Don't mistake Brian for being just a great skydiver! -he is so much more...!"
-Morten Middelfart, CTO, TARGIT A/S, Denmark

“Thank you again for coming out and giving us all so much to work towards. Your talk was far beyond what any of us expected."
-Mark Deverter Austin, Texas

"Brian is extremely knowledgeable and has successfully enlightened countless students around the world in canopy piloting skills and techniques. Brian incorporates his background in psychology into his pedagogical approaches and helps students to address the emotional baggage that affects them in skydiving and their daily lives. It is a pleasure and an honor to learn and work with Brian."
-Piriya Metcalfe, Chicago, Illinois

"Thanks so much for the tips about relaxing. Ever since I read the pages about "relax, focus and flow" it has even helped me over here in this place. Sometimes things can get kinda crazy and it's really easy to get spun up with all that goes on over here. Iraq and Afghanistan are not the best environment for relaxing, so your book has already helped me alot!"
-Monte Medina, US Air Force

"You planted so many seeds in my head that have already begun to grow. Again, thank you. I really enjoyed your class and can't wait to apply everything I learned!"
-Dave Fulk, Washington DC Area

"You have given us the pieces to a puzzle, and the path with which to unite them. I advise those who wish to remain passengers to never take your course. One cannot walk away on that last day, and not have a deep desire to become a pilot."
-Robert Kelley, Tampa Florida

"Brian - your seminar here was *outstanding*, keeping us spellbound as we awakened to understand "why" things happen, "how" it works, and "where its all at". We look forward to having you back again!"
-Tim Bates, Melbourne, Australia

"I wanted to thank you for the invaluable information given to us in your course. Your enthusiasm, course material and presentation were all top notch. Thank you."
-American Statesman Efren Palacios, Austin, Texas

“It didn't take me a very long time, to decide that I wanted to thank you for your contribution. Like other things in life, it is what you make it. So, thank you! Your seminar has made a difference. Your teaching methods work well and you manage to keep it interesting or everybody regardless of previous knowledge and experience level. Also a big compliment to your personality. You motivate. I really enjoyed your storytelling and body language - It kept the educational facts interesting and fun.”
-Vibeke Aversi, Denmark

“I've got to tell you, you made me think of things I never considered."
-Jason Cahill, San Francisco, California

"I just wanted to say thank you for putting together such a great course. The material you've put together was very well structured and presented in a logical order, that was easy to understand and follow. I'm going to advocate your book and the course to my students."
-Ilya Kats, Austin, Texas

"I have attended one of Brian's Canopy Control courses and have owned one of his parachutes. Both were of excellent quality and the pride in his work shows! He truly lives for what he does and enjoys sharing it with as many people as he can, to make them safer at what they do and to achieve more than they expect of themselves. His years of experience have set him apart from his peers; he has concentrated on developing his art in parachute design and his understanding of the mentality behind the actions of a high-stress activity."
-Karen Hawes, Lockheed Martin


Submit a Testimonial »

Submit a Testimonial»

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