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Germain Seminars and Workshops is an educational company dedicated to teaching the truth about fear, and the most powerful methods for coping with stress and negative thought-patterns. We offer inspirational talks for businesses and organizations, adventure experiences, books, articles, radio and TV interviews and entertaining and educational videos, and all with the goal of helping people turn their fear into power. In the context of economic crisis, war and climate change, fear management is the most important topic of our time.

In his worldwide speaking tour, Transcending Fear Specialist and Keynote Speaker Brian Germain skillfully relates the topic of transcending fear to every aspect of life, from business success to holistic health and wellness, making his inspiring and motivational presentation a perfect fit for nearly any event or meeting. From large corporate conferences to small company lunches, from radio and TV interviews to his inspiring videos, Brian's charismatic and entertaining discussion of this profound and meaningful topic consistently upholds our organization's mission statement:

Germain Seminars Mission Statement

"To help humanity extricate ourselves from the fear mentality through teaching the skill of emotional intelligence in order to nurture competence, happiness, inner peace, open-minded wisdom, compassion, and interpersonal harmony."

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Transcending Fear is a Leadership Training Company. Our main offerings include: Fear Seminars by a noted Fear Expert for overcoming fears, Leadership Training Workshops, a celebrity Skydiving Instructor for adventure fear challenges, and Skydiving Videos and Skydiving Books by Author Brian Germain. We offer Leadership Training Workshops, Overcome Fear and Anxiety, Fear Challenging Activities, Fear Management Seminars, Adventure Experiences and More!

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